Barracuda Networks, Inc.

Provides powerful and easy-to-use security and storage solutions to simplify IT.

Barracuda Backup is a comprehensive cloud-integrated solution that protects physical, virtual, and cloud environments. It’s simple to deploy, offers built-in offsite replication, and is easy to manage. With an extensive range of supported environments, Barracuda Backup can replace multi-vendor piecemeal backup solutions with an all-in-one backup appliance.

How MJT Communications Works With Barracuda:

We use Barracuda Backup to ensure easy and cost-effective data protection for your physical, virtual, and cloud assets. Their systems provide comprehensive protection from cyber threats, natural disasters, hardware failures, and more.

We use Barracuda because it gives us and our clients peace of mind to know that their data is safe, no matter what happens.

Barracuda Backups are a part of these MJT Communications services: