Online Business Security Basics for 2018

With so many high profile data breaches, hacks, and scams in the news the last few years, it can be daunting for a business owner to consider their own online security. Fear not, there are a few simple online business security basics that can protect you, your information, and the future of your business. Online For a long time the world wide web was like the last frontier: there was no sherriff to track down wrongdoers, and you were susceptible to whatever malicious

What is spyware?

¬†First of all, spyware takes on many names. You might hear it called spyware, adware, foistware, malware, eulaware, or even crapware. For simplicity, we will just refer to it generally as “spyware”. This software is almost always installed without your consent. If you have done a virus scan but your computer is still not up to par, there is a good chance you still have something on your computer. There is a chance that whatever still resides is

How To:

How do I enable/disable windows firewall? Click ‘Start’ Click ‘Control Panel’ Click ‘Network Connections’ Right click ‘Local Area Connection’ and choose ‘Properties’ Click ‘Settings’ on the ‘Advanced’ tab On ‘General’ tab choose On or Off (recommended), Click ‘OK’ and you’re done. How do I use ‘Windows Update’? Go to and follow on screen instructions. Or you can use the Automatic Update Feature by doing the following. (If you experience any problems with windows update click here) Click ‘Start’ Click ‘Control Panel’ Open or double click ‘System’ Click ‘Automatic