Why don’t most antivirus utilities block spyware?

The short answer is “Spyware is not a virus.” Webopedia defines a virus as “A program or piece of code that is loaded onto your computer without your knowledge and runs against your wishes.” Spyware takes advantage of the fact that people click I Agree to most software licenses without actually reading them. So technically, spyware is loaded with your knowledge and permission if you read the license, so it’s not a virus. Of course, if your teenager uses

What are the different kinds of viruses?

Boot Sector Computer Viruses     The boot sector viruses was a whole lot more popular in the eighties. This was when computer technology actually hit the mainstream. Quite like the name, boot sector viruses infect the boot sectors of a computer. These boot sectors are usually located in the bootable disk or in particular location on your computer hard drive. A number of these boot sector viruses in the past include names such as Disk Killer and others like Michelangelo. The

What is a Virus?

   Simply put, a virus is a type of software that “infects” a computer. It’s typically inserted into a program, and when that program is executed, the virus activates and attaches itself to other programs in your PC. Viruses can be a simple prank–an annoying pop-up message or blue screen, for instance–but too often a virus is a malicious attempt to outright destroy data and programs. There are several different types of viruses, but they all have a common